So currently there’s an article going around the socials about Lego removing gender bias from its toys. It doesn’t actually say much about what Lego is actually going to do. It does say Lego toys aren’t labeled “for boys” or “for girls” and that they are including more female role models. Other than this, it… Continue reading Lego


What does nonbinary mean? Very simply put, it means not two groups. So a nonbinary framework of gender is one that recognises there’s not just two genders (e.g. only girls and boys). That’s the easy bit. When someone is talking about their gender and they say they are nonbinary it can mean different things. What… Continue reading Nonbinary


I guess every blog has to have a first post! So here we go… You probably want to know what Singular They is going to be about.  Well, everything and anything relevant to gender in early years education.  First, let’s be clear about a couple things.  Gender is nonbinary and early years education includes children… Continue reading Welcome.