Change takes time!

You’re probably reading Singular They because you are trying to get ideas on how to create a more gender expansive space and that is excellent. But let me remind you, it takes time! This can be extremely frustrating because when we know things aren’t right and we know specific changes that would help us correct… Continue reading Change takes time!

Red: A Crayon’s Story

The book Red: A Crayon’s Story by Michael Hall discusses being transgender through a metaphor of a crayon that has the label “red” but is actually blue.  This is a rather gentle approach to discussing gender with kids. Children won’t necessarily understanding that this is a metaphor for being transgender, but you could help them… Continue reading Red: A Crayon’s Story


Neither by Airlie Anderson is one of my favourite books! It’s a simple story about an animal that is part bunny and part bird. They start out in a land where there are only bunnies and birds, but they are told they don’t fit in and need to leave. They then come across The Land… Continue reading Neither