Gendered Clothing

I thought everyone, or everyone with children at least, knew about the differences between boy and girl section clothing — because it’s been blogged about a lot (e.g. here, here, and here).  However, I posted these photos above of T-shirts from a “girl” section vs T-shirts from a “boy” section on facebook.  My friends took… Continue reading Gendered Clothing

Gender Expression Clothes Rack

This is another provocation with which I love watching children engage! For some it is the very first time they’ve truly had the opportunity to choose their own clothes — and that’s what it’s about. Not dressing up and playing make believe, but choosing your own style, your own gender expression. From my observations, unless… Continue reading Gender Expression Clothes Rack


So currently there’s an article going around the socials about Lego removing gender bias from its toys. It doesn’t actually say much about what Lego is actually going to do. It does say Lego toys aren’t labeled “for boys” or “for girls” and that they are including more female role models. Other than this, it… Continue reading Lego