Neither by Airlie Anderson is one of my favourite books! It’s a simple story about an animal that is part bunny and part bird. They start out in a land where there are only bunnies and birds, but they are told they don’t fit in and need to leave. They then come across The Land of All, where there are all sorts of different animals.

This is one of the few books that offers kids a simple and clear introduction to the concept of nonbinary. It is not specifically about gender, but can be used to support conversations exploring a nonbinary gender framework. It also provides a storyline where you can discuss bullying (fair/unfair) as well as allyship and inclusion.

At the back of the book is a double page spread of characters in The Land of All. Something in this captures and maintains children’s attention. In my experience children can pour over these pages for long periods of time commenting on all of the diversity.

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